Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Do we ever arrive? I thought I did in the late 70's when McKinney & Silver called me to do an illustration for a national ad for Barnett Bank. To Bill Kamp I will be ever indebted as Creative Director on that series and selected me as illustrator. Today, he owns his own agency and what a talent. Together, we worked on numerous campaigns for NCNB, which is NationsBank today, Piedmont Airlines, Wonder Bread, Royal Caribbean, Golden Corral, GI Joe, Disney, and NASCAR trading cards, Fannie Mae, and on and on.

But do we ever "arrive?" I think it's much like Jerry Seinfeld lamented to Jay Leno after "Seinfeld" went off the air. We always have that fear that one day the phone will stop ringing. But that's a good thing. It keeps us pushing and not resting on our laurels.

I've been so incredibly blessed with honors beyond my wildest dreams, but I always think, maybe next week the phone will stop ringing. And it keeps me sharp. Keeps me competitive.

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