Friday, January 7, 2011

My dad

Well, I had to give it some time, because you grieve, sort out your thoughts, and just need the time to decompress after the funeral. But it's time to tell you about my dad.

After a long, cruel illness, my dad graduated on Dec. 22, 2010. It was also the anniversary of my brother's passing. It's great that they could share the happy reunion on the same date.

My dad was better than Ward Cleaver or Jim Anderson. He was a father who knew best and taught it to his sons. He was a quiet man-- not a flashy athlete like my brother nor a fancy-dancy artist like his "black sheep" son-- just kidding, he was always supportive and proud of my career. In fact, he paid for me to have adult cartooning lessons as a kid. But he was a quiet man who, when he spoke, you knew Wisdom was there. Probably why he became a teacher.

I imagine, in the way honors are distributed up there, he will be on the top, because he had such a quiet, gentle way rather than bravado. Thank you, Dad, for always being there, always being encouraging, and helping me know what is really important.

I love you.

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fitz said...

Good fathers are one of the major components of creating good children who become productive citizens(those that add to society irrespective of their individual choice of career). You were blessed in that way, and so in turn are we all.